Tournament Operations

Tony Kennon
Honorary Chairman
Craig Martin
Weigh Master
Jim Cox
Host and Emcee
Dave Garcia
Blake Floyd
Tournament Operations
Jim Bibby
Wharf General Manager
Claire Miller
Billfish Ambassador
Bill Black
St. Jude Representative
Sheena Mizell
Registration and Weigh-In
Brett Uvodich
Tournament Dockmaster
Joe Z
Fighting Chair
Caden Barber
Set Up & Weigh In
Spanky and Beth Hill
Tim Jones
Weigh In
Scott Kennedy
Weigh In
Jim Hamilton
Weigh In
Debra Altman
Tournament Accountant/Auditor
Matthew Beck
Dock Operations Manager
Taylor Hood
Weigh In
Ryan Childs
Tournament Dockage & Weigh In
Jenni Guerry
Mollie O'Connor
Professional Bartender
Thomas McDonald
Cindy Long
Judy Brewer
Office Manager
Bill Haffner
Video Judge
Dewey Blaylock
Senior Video Judge
Heather Garner
Catch & Release Coordinator
Rachael Ivie
Optional Entry
& Weigh-in Flow
Larry Rackley
Artist Extraordinaire
Ralph Hollowell
Tournament Spotter
Rick Lamberson