Q. Why is the Tournament entry field limited? Why not allow more than 85 teams?
A. Fleet size is limited by our ability to give each team our signature "rock star" weigh-in experience at the Wharf weigh-in arena without the long waiting-in-line created by a large fleet size.
Q. How can I enter the Tournament?
A. Once you have your Invitation, go online and complete the pre-registration process and pay the $2500 deposit fee. Note: The tournament is strictly limited to the first 85 teams to register. An Invitation is not a guarantee of a position in the competition. If you prefer, call Beverly at The Wharf (251) 224-1900
Q. When is the balance of my entry fee due?
A. June 30th, 2018.
Q. Is there an Alternate list for those who didn't get in?
A. Yes, Call Beverly Morgan at (251) 224-1900 to be placed on the list. Alternate positions require payment of the $2,500 deposit. If you do not get into the tournament from the alternate list the $2500 is refundable.
Q. I understand you pay 1st through 4th place for the Tournament Awards. What are the splits?
A. 60% / 25% / 10% / 5%.
Q. What if my plans change and I need to withdraw?
A. Up until the beginning of competition at 11:01am, July 12th, 2018. $7,500 of entry fees paid will be refunded (or may be rolled over to following year. Note. Entry fees may only be "rolled" over one-time to the immediate following year). 100% of Optional Cash Entries are refundable. Once competition begins at 11:01am July 12th, no refunds of any kind will be available for any reason.
Q. How much to go across the board in Optional Cash Awards? Can I pay this prior to the event?
A. $80,000 and yes this may be accomplished up until one week prior to the event.
Q. In Optional Cash Awards, what happens if only two eligible fish are weighed in a category?
A. 60% of third place is added to the cash awards for first place and 40% is added to the cash awards for second place.
Q. How can I make certain I'll have dockage at the Wharf?
A. Enter early. Guaranteed dockage at the Wharf is available to the first 30 boats to pre-register and pay the entry deposit.
Q. The single heaviest eligible Blue Marlin weighed during the tournament becomes the Tournament Grand Champion. What if no eligible Blue Marlin are weighed?
A. The boat with the highest total number of verified Catch and Release points will win Tournament Grand Champion.
Q. Can a boat win more than one position in Tournament Cash Awards (first through fourth place)?
A. No. Boats may win multiple positions in Optional Cash awards, but not in the Tournament Championship Cash Awards.
Q. Can I dock my boat elsewhere in Orange Beach?
A. Yes. But all boats must be recognized by tournament officials prior to and must depart from the Wharf Marina Thursday July 13th, 2017. No boats may depart from the Wharf prior to 11:01 pm.
Q. Is there a line class?
A. No.
Q. Can I hand off the rod?
A. Yes. Rod may be transferred (handed off) one time within the first minute of the fight.
Q. Do you have a different designator for each day?
A. No.
Q. What if I catch a Blue Marlin on Thursday after departure?
A. We recommend you weigh in on Friday as soon as the scales open at 7pm.
Q. Do I need to check in on Friday when coming through Sailboat Bay in the ICW?
A. No.
Q. How may Tournament shirts and VIP passes to event parties are included in each boat registration gift bag?
7 tournament shirts and 8 Kick Off Party access passes are included with registration. Additional shirts and passes may be purchased at registration. Cost to purchase additional Kick-Off party passes are $40 each.
Q. What is Marlin Gallery?
A. An opportunity for children to learn about the various types of fish caught during the event and experience their grandeur up close.
Q. What happens to all the fish weighed?
A. Teams have the option of retaining their fish or donating them to the food shelter charity. All fish retained by the tournament are used to feed the hungry.
Q. I have a drone and want to film the weigh in to share with my friends?
A. Drones are not permitted to fly anywhere on property.
Q. I have friends fishing on a boat in the event. How can I keep up with the very latest information?
A. For the latest updates we suggest you take advantage of these social media opportunities:
Like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BlueMarlinGrandChampionship),
Follow Us in Twitter (https://twitter.com/BlueMarlinGrand)
and Instagram (http://instagram.com/BlueMarlinGrand).
Q. What are the departure and return to weigh-in rules?
A. Boats may depart The Wharf on Thursday behind the pace boats and leave through Perdido or Mobile Pass. All boats must return to The Wharf Friday or Saturday through Mobile Pass. NOTE: In the event, a boat returns to weigh in from the East through Pensacola or Perdido Pass weigh-in will be refused. The boat will be required to depart the Wharf and exit back through Perdido Pass and then enter through Mobile Pass. Check-in at Sailboat Bay and weigh-in time restrictions apply.
Q. If I only have Catch and Release Video to be scored, can I go back to my slip?
A. Yes, A team representative can bring the video camera, cables and video verification form to Tournament Headquarters in the Wharf Marina Outfitter's Store. All game fish and Blue Marlin to be weighed must come to the Weigh-In docks. Priority will be given to high scoring teams.
Q. What is the Triple Crown Fighting Chair Challenge?
A. An exciting and fun fighting chair competition benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.